We offer team specific training during the off-seasons of club/travel ball. The training will prepare players to compete in tournaments throughout the year. We train and sign-up teams to compete in tournaments, therefore all the player and parent(s) have to do it show up and play.

The 3V3 Seasons are November-January and June-August. Each season is about a month and a half long, consisting of team practices twice a week on non-tournament weeks, and once a week on approaching tournament weekends.


3V3 is a soccer game played on a smaller field, typically 15×22 to 20×30 yards, with teams of 3 players as opposed to 8 or 11.


Although there are many similarities from a traditional game of soccer to that of a 3V3 game, below are some of the differences.

  • Smaller field size (15×22 to 20×30 yards)
  • Smaller team size (3 players on the field, from each team; roster max: 6)
  • Each half ranges from 10-12 minutes
  • No goal-keepers
  • No throw-ins (replaced with ‘kick-ins’)


The small, crowded field provides a great learning environment for all players. This will have players become more accurate and decisive, their speed of play will increase on and off the ball, and their Soccer IQ will increase as well.


SINGLE SEASON (winter or summer)

This includes
• 3 Tournaments
• A complete uniform (jersey, shorts & socks)
• Complete Training

BOTH SEASONS (winter and summer)

This includes
• 6 Tournaments
• A complete uniform (jersey, shorts & socks)
• Complete Training
• Save by buying both!