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Our training is great for players of all ages. We create an environment full of touches, continous work and competition. We believe the repetitions on the ball overall creates a better player, but as well as a more confident one. 

This is the start of reaching a new level of talent and understanding what the Base standard means. Parents, after signing up you will say this is what training is and players, you won’t want to go anywhere else.

The “Book Here” button will take you to our Academy site powered by Upperhand. Choose and contact a coach. All payments are paid online through Upperhand’s secure network. It really is that simple. All our coaches are hand chosen by Owner and Founder Coach Zach. These coaches understand the standard that was started and continue to improve players in every club and college level.

Want to create more of a dynamic training session?

With our +1 option you can add a player to an individual session for $20. Click the +1 option button below after you have purchased your individual session to get started!